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"Walk with Purpose"

ZENLINEZ is a Purpose-driven company that identifies and creates events, and opportunities with international influencers, collaborators, foundations, athletes, musicians, production companies and sponsors to promote awareness and raise funds for Teen Mental Health. 

ZENLINEZ, LLC collaborates with artists, musicians, and designers to create exciting projects and Charity Events featuring its Zen art-inspired sneakers and activewear clothing sold in its online store, and for licensing opportunities for their footwear.


Teen mental health, music, and art are interconnected and powerful tools for promoting emotional well-being. By engaging with music and art, teens can express themselves, regulate their emotions, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. As a society, it’s essential that we recognize the importance of music and art in promoting teen mental health and provide support and guidance to our youth.

According to the World Health Organization, Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15–19-year-olds globally. By identifying organizations that support efforts to rid the stigma of mental health in young people, to gain potential sponsorships for its fundraising events is ZENLINEZ Purpose and scope for success. 

Implement international social media networking, and sales strategies for promoting and selling ZENLINEZ products through its Online Store: to fund Teen Mental Health programs by donating 7.5% of its net profits to mitigate its consequences upon our next generation. 

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