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Annette Emery:
A Magical Visionary, Multidimensional Artist and Advocate

Annette Emery is a talented multidimensional artist, passionate Belizean resident, and owner of Paradise Farms Organic Research Organization. Her enchanting artworks, deeply inspired by her connection to nature, invites audiences to embark on a Zen-inspired journey through her parallel dimensions.


Growing up beside the Wisconsin River, Annette discovered the magic of her world during tranquil adventures and now generously shares this beauty with others.


In addition to her artistic pursuits, Annette is actively dedicated to investing in permaculture, organic research, and sustainable agricultural development in Belize. Her vision is to help create a better future by promoting new industries and jobs, raising the living standard of Belizeans significantly.


Belize is blessed with rich native resources, including industrial hemp, bamboo, and sugar cane, which hold great potential for milling processes and product manufacturing. Annette's mission with ZENLINEZ® is to harness these resources to improve the quality of life and create a living wage for her fellow Belizeans.


By fostering a sustainable approach to development, Annette aims to reduce poverty in Belize and create a thriving, self-sufficient nation.

By supporting Annette and the countless budding artists she has inspired with her mesmerizing art, you are not only investing in a more sustainable future for Belize but also fostering a global community that embraces Zen values in art, culture, and the pursuit of dreams.


Together, we can create a world that thrives on the harmony of creativity, sustainability, and shared aspirations.

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